Parramatta Clay and Arts Inc. (PCAI) Virtual Classroom

Parramatta Clay and Arts Inc. (PCAI) are delighted to launch their virtual classroom. The videos can be downloaded and watched at your own pace.
The First of our online video courses is a beginners Introduction to Wheel Throwing and Trimming Techniques, presented by Peter Dwyer, a lovable, well renowned Sydney based ceramic artist , designer and tertiary educator. 

Our second online video course is a children's workshop: Creative Clay Gardens  presented by Di Turner, ceramic artist, community arts advocate  and Founder of PCAI, along with her 7 year old helper Elyse Turner. 
Virtual Children’s Workshops 
Our children’s online pottery projects are themed: e.g. create a clay garden; make a flatware animal; endangered species clay animals; cookie jars; monster and magic pottery, to name but a few future online workshops to come.  So stay tuned!
Each workshop can be undertaken using a step by step process. The instructions are easy to follow and allow time for children to have a break and also factor in the some drying time for the clay to set up, ready for the next process. 

Clay kits
The Clay Kits outlined in the video show exactly what is needed as far as materials and colourants (coloured slips) to complete the project. Clay kits can be collected from our studio Shop 5/4 to 14 Hunter Street Parramatta, Sydney or posted to throughout Australian. (postage fee extra). You can arrange a suitable collection date and time with us to collect the  kit. For mailing or kit collecting contact us on : on +61415415589 or email:

The Clay kits contain everything that will be needed for children to complete the clay project. 
If you do not live near our studio you will most likely be able to follow the video and find a local ceramic arts supplier or studio near you to provide you with what you need. 

PCAI are Creative Kids providers, so you can use your Voucher for our videos, clay kits and firings if you are based in NSW. You can use the Voucher to the value of $100 which entitles you to x 4 Videos OR x 3 videos and x 2 Clay kits and Firings (postage is extra )not included for kits). To use your Voucher please contact us. 

Beginners Wheel Throwing and Trimming

This series will cover step by step instructions in 9 short video clips. Peter is a ceramic artist of renown in the Australian Community who is sharing his many years of making and teaching ceramic arts in community colleges and advanced tertiary education institutions. Peter shares his insightful tips in these videos based on his successful arts experience as a teacher and creator.  
When you subscribe to the online classes you will be able to view 9 short videos that cover the processes of wheel work from start to finish and include: wedging the clay; centering and opening the clay ball; bringing up the clay walls; finishing the form. The trimming instructions focus on a very refined process that teaches you how to hold and use trimming tools to refine your pieces. 

Online Classroom Course Fee
$40 introductory offer! Once you have your log in on Podia you can access the videos and view the footage as many times as you like. So you can work at your pace and replay each step along the way 

Creative Clay Gardens

The first of our children’s online pottery workshops is Creative Clay Gardens. In this project children will be able to make a small clay garden, complete with clay flowers trees and animals, adding a small pot where you can plant and sow and grow plants such as succulents or small herbs. 
 Students of the Children’s workshops can purchase Clay Kits from our studio in Parramatta and to bring back the finished piece for firing in our kilns: - all included in the cost of the workshop fee. 

Video only                                           $20 per video (Australian dollars) 
Video + Clay Kit +Firing fee         $50 per video (Postage costs apply if not collecting from studio)
NSW Creative Kids Vouchers     $100  value can be used (contact us

PCAI are a registered Creative Kid’s Provider

Why not use your voucher with us? The Voucher entitles you access to x 3 Videos and x 2 clay kits + x 2 Firings at our studio. (clay kit postage extra) not included 
to use the NSW Voucher , please email:

The Creative Garden

View course $20 AUD

Beginners Wheel Throwing and Trimming

View course $40 AUD

Creative Clay Gardens Clay Kit +Firing fee

View course $30 AUD